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Welcome to FlowMobility where we empower men and women to eliminate:

and regain confidence to get their body back to the activities they love.

Why Choose Us

My Goal is for each and every patient to walk out of my clinic with an easier stride, more flow in their movement and a new found confidence. Knowing they do not need to stop their activities due to embarrassing leakage, discomfort from prolapse or pelvic, hip and back pain.

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What our Patients Say

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Who is Karin?

Karin has been a Physical Therapist since 1987. She earned her Bachelor degree in Physical therapy in West-Berlin, Germany and worked there before returning to Sweden, her home country. She moved to Utah in 1990 and has been working as an orthopedic physical therapist ever since.

What is it Flow Mobility PT?

Flowmobility is a private physical therapy clinic based out of Salt Lake City, Utah that specializes in orthopedic and pelvic injuries and dysfunction. With more than 35 years of experience, Karin has the expertise to help you achieve your mobility goals however big or small they may be.

With the understanding that each person’s needs are unique, Karin approaches care on an individual basis, shaping the treatment around the patient. At Flowmobility we believe that the body is remarkably connected and should be treated as a whole.

“Sometimes when we have pain in the right shoulder, for example, it can actually stem from an injury to the left hip. In order to heal correctly, we need to address pain or limited movement by treating all relevant areas.” Karin Westlen- Boyer
Pelvic floor physical therapists are health-care professionals trained in the conservative management and rehabilitation of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction; such as incontinence and pelvic pain disorders. Pelvic physical therapists do internal and external pelvic exams, depending in the patients needs and wishes. You can expect a posture evaluation, lower back and hip testing and possibly even a foot evaluation. Pelvic issues can come from many different areas of the body and it is important to find the source of your symptoms and also see if other areas of your body are being affected by your pelvic symptoms.

If pain is the primary reason you come in for physical therapy, we often recommend coming on a weekly basis. If weakness is the issue, it can be enough to return every other week , and sometimes 1x/month. You will then get exercises to progress with for the following month. Have you just had a baby? 1 check-up may be enough, this is to make sure you can contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles correct, evaluate for discomfort from a possible scar/tearing following delivery and be assessed for abdominal muscles separation (Diastasis Recti) as an example.
If you leak urine, gas or feces. If you have painful urination or difficulties emptying your bladder. If you have pain or discomfort during intercourse. If you have excessive and chronic premenstrual symptoms, If you have Chronic pain in the low-back, hip or pelvis. If you have discomfort with genital hygiene or activities such as riding a bike or prolonged sitting or if you feel a heaviness in your pelvis. If you are going to have a Prostatectomy you should learn to contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles prior your surgery. If you are having transgender surgery, your physician will send you to a pelvic physical therapist so you learn how to contract and relax these muscles.
Are you tired over embarrassing leaks or uncontrolled flatulence? Do you have difficulties being intimate with your partner for fear of incontinence, do you have pain with Intercourse?

These are sadly very common conditions that we can get at any time of our life, but they are never normal, and there are things you can do. Contact FlowMobilityPT for questions.

Watch as Karin introduces FlowMobility and how pelvic health physical therapy can help with various conditions such as incontinence, pain after childbirth, balance issues and more.

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Common Issues we treat

Low-Back, Hip Pain

Pelvic Pain

Ab Separation/ Diastasis Recti/ DRA

Foot Pain

Pain During Pregnancy


Bowel and Bladder Leakage

Bowel and Bladder Urgency/ Frequency

Frequent UTI’s


Prolapse/ POP/ Heaviness Feeling

Pain with Intimacy

Cannot Tolerate a Pelvic Exam


Painful Menstruations

Birth Preparation

Birth Recovery

Lack of, or Painful Orgasms



Painful Erections/ Ejaculations

Post Surgical Care (Breast-Implants/Extraction)

The ACT Method

Regain confidence with Targeted Physical Therapy through the ACT Method.

The ACT method;
helps men and women return to the activities they love without embarrassing leakage, pelvic pain and discomfort.


The focus is on aligning the body, releasing tension to muscles and joints and education on correct movement patterns


As the pain and symptoms decrease, the focus changes to conditioning and re-educating the tissues


We put the pieces together and enhance your abilities so you can achieve your individual goals

Latest Research

Pelvic Floor Trauma

This study shows that the Levator ani muscle of the pelvic floor, is actually 3 muscles grouped together, plays an important role in the maintenance,

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